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Equipment Maintenance ~ Electrical Controls ~ HVAC-R
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Electrical Theory ~ Electrical Safety ~ Electrical Troubleshooting


Tim Reardon has over 30 years of experience troubleshooting industrial & HVAC electrical control systems. Today, he is an Electrical Controls & HVAC-R trainer and troubleshooter. He specializes in teaching electrical theory, electrical safety, and electrical troubleshooting skills to those who want to be the best of the best. After covering theory and safety in his class, he introduces the class to "Mr. Meter" ... training exercises that dramatically improves troubleshooting skills. Those who master the Mr. Meter troubleshooting techniques leave his class with an amazing ability to analyze .. hunt down .. and fix electrical problems that leave most others technicians just scratching their heads. click here to see what we cover in our 4 day course.

We offer 2, 3, and 4 day courses on electrical & HVAC-R and will train anywhere in the USA.
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Tim Reardon is proud to be a contract trainer with American Trainco. If you would like more information on their programs, go to American Trainco's web site by clicking their logo, or contract Tim directly.

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